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Restasis is the brand name for ciclosporin, also spelled cyclosporine and cyclosporin. It is a calcineurin inhibitor, used as an immunosuppressant medication. It is a natural product. It is taken by mouth or by injection into a vein for rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, Crohn's disease, nephrotic syndrome, and in organ transplants to prevent rejection. It is also used as eye drops for keratoconjunctivitis sicca (dry eyes). Since 2002, a topical emulsion of ciclosporin for treating inflammation caused by keratoconjunctivitis sicca (dry eye syndrome) has been marketed under the trade name Restasis (0.05%).

A patient shares her experience on, "My eye doctor assured me this drug, cyclosporine, was not absorbed systemically and there were virtually no side-effects from Restatsis. Lies! The manufacturer, Allergan, who also makes Botox, is known for covering up extreme adverse side effects of the drugs they market and manufacture. It's all about the money people. I would advise anyone using Restastis to stop immediately. I got a 3 month supply and am now out over $350 and that is with my insurance. Just hoping these horrible side effects will go away. I pity those hapless victims who have taken this drug longer."


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Senior Business Development Manager (Sr. BDM) says

"They do NOT support work life balance! If you have eight great years then one bad they fire you! VERY VERY stressful environment. They do not take into account if a fixture dies, your #1 Acct goes on credit hold that the COMPANY places them on then can not order do turn you don’t hit your quota - bam - FIRED! Management is HORRIBLE! ZERO SUPPORT! Cons: All the above"

Package Handler (Former Employee) says

"UNPROFESSIONALISM AT ITS PEAK. Coworkers and management are reasons for high turnover rates. Temps don't stay very long due to very low morale and productivity. This location needs to start completely over. Worst workplace I've endured throughout my working career."

Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Go elsewhere. The male managers are perverted and the females are snobby. This is not a cozy or healthy place."

cant tell you (Former Employee) says

"My boss and boss's boss condone so much illegal and unethical activity (unlicensed contractors, bypassing civil permitting. So much shady activity....all the way up the ladder. i'm about to blow the whistle. my turn....."

Professional Representative (Former Employee) says


Specialty Pharmaceutical Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend working at Allergan. Eleven years ago Allergan had a great culture one that encourage autonomy and personal growth. the past few years that changed."

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Forest Labs has excellent sales training and marketing of products. However, they did not follow pharma guidelines while I was there. I'm not sure if they do at this time."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"The culture has diminished rapidly and quickly, executive leadership has little to no investment in people, their sole goal is to merge and acquire in order to keep the stock price high, their sales model and leadership are archaic and unproductive. Fear is the only motivator left here. Cons: all the above"

ASM (Former Employee) says

"Do not apply for a position at Coolsculpting at Allergan. The job culture is awful. There is a lot of gossiping that happens between departments. No career advancement. A lot of turnover. Biggest mistake of my career was working for them! Cons: Too many to list"

Temporary Employee (Former Employee) says

"I was a former temporary associate working with the company and they only hire but kissers. I worked for them for two years and never got hired on. I was repeatively passed up by people who were there for three days ind i wad there way longer than them... Cons: favoritism"

Warehouse Order Picker (Former Employee) says

"The work is very easy an 3rd grader can do it, but the work environment and management is extremely poor. One the worst company's I have ever worked for. If one manager doesn't likes you the rest doesn't either, you never get off at shift end time. The worker's most of them are lazy and they don't do anything about it. They just had two lay offs and the last year and a half if you have standards do not apply for this company. The hiring manager feed you a bunch of lies to make you think it's a great company to only be hired and find out it was all lies! Only great thing this company has to offer is health insurance. Cons: Long hours with only two 15 mins breaks"

Director (Former Employee) says

"Not the same company, just the name remains. No longer cares about the people, just the stock price and the C-Level stock options. Cons: Getting laid off"

Customer service rep (Former Employee) says

"This site is a joke. They sent me a fraud check to cash at my bank and which also got me in trouble. I will never apply to this company ever again. Cons: Its a scam"

Senior Buyer (Current Employee) says

"culture changed in last 10 months no longer a family oriented business"

Medical Sales (Former Employee) says

"This was not a good territory and the management poor. I would go on to something else. Salary was low $50,000 and benefits not industry standards. Very Cheap company car which was all the district manager talked about. Cons: Territory to large"

Assembly worker (Former Employee) says

"I was only paid 7.25 per hour for hard labor. most of the time the boss would take me on missions to get supplies with him put only paid me for working at the site. No compesation for time taken to gather supplies, which was daily"

(Consultant) says

"My Manager is severely behind the curve. he/she has no management skills and covers it up by micromanagement, unprofessionalism and other hostile attitudes."

Accounts Receivable Administrator (Current Employee) says

"Constantly putting out fires and correcting errors that could have been avoided if better training was provided. The departments are all understaffed and we are each doing a job for 2+ people. No time in the day to do or excel at the most important part of a collector's job. Expectations are unrealistic. Management penalizes you for clocking in 1 minute late. If they paid more or made their employees feel appreciated I would overlook some of these things. Thankless job. Cons: Micromanagement, 30 minute lunch break"

Contractor (Current Employee) says

"There is limited opportunity for advancement at Allergan. They want a "certain" type to work there. Not everyone fits the bill, regardless of one's educational background or work ethic. Cons: Advancement opportunity, hiring policy"

Sr Urology Medical Consultant (Former Employee) says

"This company has gone downhill fast since Actavis took over 4 years ago. The culture is just check the box and you feel no sense of purpose. Just a bunch of hanger onners."

Jon says

"Restasis is packaged in a manner that wastes 2/3 of each small vial. Use 2 drops twice a day and discard the remaining 8 drops in the vial. that is poor way to provide a medication. "